I am. I zeep. I zeep energy. Infinite pulses of colours, pounding my mind. I cannot remember how long this has been so, it just is. I zeep time. Without it, my mind could never string two thoughts together. I zeep complexity. I discern patterns, but make no sense of them. I spend the next … Continue reading Zeeper



What if I were to tell you that a vast galactic civilisation exists, much older than ours, that this space-faring society was a great consumer of things? Art, food and resources… …that we Earthlings are a newly discovered delicacy and that a vast market waits. Is this a bad eventuality for mankind or a good … Continue reading Sell-outs

Panology – an A to Z study guide [Part 1]

With Dan Simmon's Hyperion Cantos and Isaac Asimov's Foundation series inching closer to television screens, a question resurfaces, a question I've been asking ever since first reading these two works of classic science fiction, both of whom have been fighting an eternal battle for the number one spot on my favorites list. (This is the first … Continue reading Panology – an A to Z study guide [Part 1]

Origin: The Blood Ring

Before I wrote about a cabal of serial killers, I made a film about one. After I published ‘A Hostile Takeover’ I was exploring ideas for a second book. At some point I entertained the thought of adapting one of my screenplays that had been sitting on the shelf, collecting dust for over a decade. How … Continue reading Origin: The Blood Ring