The Art of Ytterbium Fires

Treasonous humans, corporate goons, a mysterious crime scene onboard a space mine, a snuff collector, a subterranean explorer, winged sharks, a deadly robot, marooned time travellers, a marooned inter-galaxy cop and his prisoner, political intrigue during the interstellar space games, a robot armageddon, the birth of an A.I, a cyberpunk romance, and a tale about a human, an alien and an entity older than a star.


A collection of science fiction short stories from the author of A Hostile Takeover and The Blood Ring.

In my endeavours to write short fiction for competitions and challenges, sites like Wattpad offer visual material to accompany the literature. So each time I finish and publish a short, I would hit a picture edit app or gimp and knock up a cover image for the story. Most images are sourced from original photography taken by myself, and nearly all are five-minute compositions. To me, they are as fun as conjuring up placenames or names for characters, but not as nearly as fun as coming up with titles.